Results - 2018
Golf Dinner
It's in the hole!
1. David Evans (266)
2. Tony Furiga (273.5)
3. Robert Schoon (274)
4. Roger Williams (275)
5. Nathan Hubbell (276)
6. David Elder (278)
6. Steve Nolan (278)
8. Tommy Long (278.5)
9. Luke Reynoso (281)
10. Brady McDowell (282.5)
11. Kent Poppenhouse (286)
11. Mark Balcius (286)
11. Joe Reynoso (286)
11. Derrick Weadock (286)
15. Garrett McDowell (293)
16. Glen Bowling (296)
17. Arvind Puri (296.5)
18. Greg Furiga (297)
19. Ted Wimsatt (298.5)
19. Brent Williams (298.5)
21. Ralph Mendez (303)
22. Ian Gaffney (307)
23. Charly Filpek (309)
24. Patrick Holcomb (WD)
The History of Golf Dinner
It was a warm and sunny afternoon at the spectacular links of Ken McDonald. Tony, Tommy, and Kent were about to tee off on the first hole when Tony noticed Tommy's golf ball. It was an old, yellowed ball with the words "Golf Dinner '85" inscribed onto it. As Tony was laughing and making fun of Tommy's yellow ball, an idea struck him, Why not hold a golf tournament where we play golf and then eat dinner. What a brilliant idea!! That summer of 2000, Golf Dinner was born. Friends were gathered and the first Golf Dinner was held at Painted Mountain Golf Course in East Mesa. It was a one round team scramble. Lot's of fun and beer followed over the next five hours. Once the round was completed everyone headed into the clubhouse to eat steak dinners. What a glorious time. Since then, Golf Dinner has evolved into a multi-day event complete with individual and team competitions culminating in a celebration dinner where the coveted Golf Dinner Trophy is presented.
I pledge allegiance, to Golf Dinner, Along with those who partake in its drunken fun, And to the golf courses, for how they're laid out, One bunker, lake, and beehive after the other, Indivisible,With beer wenches and hole-in-ones for all.
Congratulations Golf Dinner 19 Champion David Evans!