Golf Dinner
It's in the hole!
The Golf Dinner Champion will be determined by the low total stroke score.

Total Stroke Score =
First Round Individual Handicap Score +
Second Round Individual Handicap Score +
Third Round Individual Handicap Score +
(Team Best Ball Score + Team Scramble Score)/2

Scoring Format

Golf Dinner requires a minimum of 20 scores to determine your handicap. Your handicap must be kept at a site accessible to the Golf Dinner member in charge of teams. If a player has less than 20 scores (usually 1st year players), the handicap will be determined per USGA guidelines (depending on the total rounds played, a subset will be used to calculate the handicap). In addition to the total number of scores, each player is required to have played a minimum of 5 rounds in the current Golf Dinner year. Failure to do so may result in a handicap adjustment or loss of eligibility.

The Golf Dinner Scoring Committee reserves the right to adjust any players handicap as deemed necessary.

How Handicap is Calculated

Handicap Adjustment

Golf Dinner will use the USGA Handicap Adjustment Table explained below during tourneyment play.
The table below are the odds of shooting under your handicap for two rounds in a tournament.

As an example, player A has a handicap of 14 and shoots 88,78,77 for three rounds on par 72 courses. Of those 3 rounds, player A bettered his handicap by 8 and 9 strokes in rounds 2 and 3. Using the chart below we see the odds of this are 35361 - 1. Since this player is over the threashold of resonability (323-1 for his handicap range), his handicap would be adjusted by 5 strokes (move diagonal on the chart until the odds are less than the threashold of resonability. In this case it was 5 steps). Standings and points for all players will then be recalculated using player A new handicap of 9. If a player is off the chart or in an undefined box, the players handicap will be reduced by half.
Threashold of Resonability
Handicap Odds
0 - 5 379 - 1
6 - 12 536 - 1
13 - 21 323 - 1
22 - 30 382 - 1
31 + 359 - 1
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